Friend Me on Facebook!

Friend Me on Facebook!

Hey friends!

Have you been wondering where I am?! Me too!  Life got SO busy, I didn’t mean to fall off the earth.  Honestly, so busy.  Well I want you to know that I have been successfully Paleo for the past week, I feel amazing!  I switched myself to Paleo on 11/12/13 and here I am 10 days later, down 7 pounds. WHOA!  Happy dance all day!!

I have decided that WordPress is just not for me.  It’s complicated.  I am simple.  I haven’t got the hang of anything beyond writing a text post.  Trying to link with Instagram and Facebook is crazy hard!  So I would like for everyone to please add me as a friend on Facebook!  From there, I am going to create a Facebook page for you to like, and I’ll be providing updates from there.  You have a facebook, right?  It is 2013.  Hehehe.  Also, I can’t wait to share some awesome recipes I have been trying out this week.  

So what are you waiting for? Add me!


Why Yesterday Was Sucky

Yesterday sucked. Royally.  And for several reasons.

Reason #1:  It was my second day of turning Paleo and working out.  I ate Paleo (yay!) but I didn’t work out (boo).  In fact, folding laundry was such a chore for me.  I just had zero strength.  I felt weak, tired and plain old blah.  I know it’s because my body was mad at me.  It was saying “Where are the processed crappy foods you feed me? I feel weird.  I’m falling into a slight coma. Sleep.”  Basically, I wasn’t fueling myself with crap.  Believe it or not, I had energy when I ate crap.  The catch is that I had to eat crap every two hours to keep up my energy.  It was like eating two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners.  It’s horrible.  So to sum it up, I felt lethargic and I didn’t have any energy to workout. I failed on day 2. But I was listening to my body. I was fighting to stay awake. I slept like a baby that night.

Reason #2:  I did laundry ALL DAY LONG.  No one likes doing laundry, right?  I washed three sets of sheets, bedding, comforters, three laundry baskets of clothes and a whole loads of whites.  I did like 600 loads of laundry.  I hate folding laundry and I have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet.  I watched a YouTube video How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Like a Pro.  I can’t do it.  I’m not fitted sheet folding boss.  Alas, I have three balls of fitted sheets.  In good news, I put fresh flannel sheets on our bed.   Glory.  I love fresh sheets.  No wonder I slept like a baby.

Reason #3:  My husband decided to tell me that he is upset about my weight gain. (Basically, YOU ARE FAT!)  But you know, he was tip toeing around those words and tried to say it as nice as possible. Really, dude?  (Yeah, I’m calling you dude) You are bringing this up NOW?!  I wasn’t even mad that he thinks I’m too fat.  I know it.  What is most upsetting is that he points it out when I am in the beginning stages of making myself better. Literally, day 2.  Ouch.  He says he wants to support me (I know he does) but he is just not interested in Paleo-life.  He wants to have a beer, eat Twizzlers and apple pie.  He’s a man, I get it.  They can eat what they want and burn it off without lifting a finger.  I get it.  But really, husband?  You scarfed down a gazillion potato chips before dinner.  I like potato chips. I want potato chips.  Don’t scarf them down your throat in front of me.  So I’m here.  I started a blog to write about my journey, hold myself accountable and get the support I need from others like me.  He doesn’t know about my blog (otherwise I couldn’t be ranting right now).  My husband is my rock, my best friend, the life of my love.  He will always support me, I know.  But sometimes I need to turn elsewhere and here I am.  Thank you to everyone who has liked my posts and left me comments.  You rock!

Reason #4:  I didn’t work out. Ugh. I know I said that already but damnit, failing on day 2?!  It was for my own good.  My body wasn’t up to it.  Tomorrow is a new day.


Alright enough of the bad.  Time for some good.  Yesterday was good for a few reasons. Short, sweet, simple reasons.

Reason #1:  I stuck to Paleo. Woot woot! Everything tasted great and I wasn’t hungry at all.

Reason #2: I did a million house chores. Laundry, dishes, dusted, cleaned kitchen, made beef jerky, made homemade laundry detergent, I even cleaned my washing machine! 

Reason #3:  I watched this hilarious show about Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls surviving 48 hours in the tundra. O-M-G I was laughing to the point of tears.  Will Ferrell was screaming for his mommy.  It was on the Discovery Channel, please watch it!

Reason #4:  Fresh sheets. And they were flannels.  BOOM. Lights out!

Cooking Experiment: Paleo Beef Jerky

Alrighty folks.  This is all new to me.  I love to eat beef jerky, but I have never attempted to make my own.  I want to be in charge of my own ingredients and I know that the stuff in the store is probably full of chemicals and MSG.  Yesterday I received my new Nesco food dehydrator and jerky maker through Amazon and I was jumping for joy.  (I also want to make kale chips and craisins.)  So I marinated some beef bottom round (trimmed away the fatty bits) and then I plopped it on the trays.  Let’s just say I could have eaten this beef raw it looked so good, but that was against my better judgement.  Well it’s about halfway done and I did a little taste-test.  Okay, a few taste-tests.  Then my dog had to taste it too.  It seems that we are all very satisfied with the results thus far!  Here are a few photos (finished product photos to come later):






Looks delish, huh?!  So while I had the smell of beefy beef goodness cooking up in my kitchen, my stomach started to growl and I made myself a salad.  It was basically an entire head of romaine lettuce, and entire cucumber, and entire carrot, an entire tomato… okay, you get the point.  I was hungry!  And lettuce, cucumber, etc. is basically just water.  It’s not filling unless you eat loads of it.  I didn’t have any protein to put on it (the farmer hasn’t had eggs all week… damn you winter!)  I made my own dressing, which is semi paleo.




And in other news, I went to Wal-Mart yesterday for some jerky supplies (liquid smoke, pineapple juice) and other things.  I found the cutest doggie bed for my little princess.  I also wore my new Madden Girl cactuss riding boots. Gorg!





Here’s some nifty news for you!  I’m going to provide a link to all of my paleo must-haves!  I jumped into this on my own and don’t really have someone to lean on (besides my husband, of course!)  So I bought a bunch of books, documentaries, fitness gear, kitchen gadgets and more!  I really want to share these goodies with you all so you can learn more about it too and become happy and healthy!  I’ll start posting links along with the items in my blog (literally, everything my amazing Polar FT4 heart rate monitor to my vegetable spiralizer!) and I will also create a separate page with links to shop for those items.  


Thanks for reading and for your support!

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Power 90 workout complete! #oldschool #power90 #tonyhorton #paleo #primal #fitness #healthy #size8please

Power 90 workout complete! #oldschool #power90 #tonyhorton #paleo #primal #fitness #healthy #size8please


Breakfast! A soft boiled egg from the farm and a pile of French green beans! Nom nom nom #paleo #primal #healthy #fitness #size8please

Breakfast! A soft boiled egg from the farm and a pile of French green beans! Nom nom nom #paleo #primal #healthy #fitness #size8please


My new blog is up and running, check it out, follow me at

My new blog is up and running, check it out, follow me at

5 Years Later, Falling Further Down the Rabbit Hole



Let me introduce myself, dear friends.  My name is Sydney, I’m a newlywed woman from a small town in Pennsylvania.   I have a small home, a wonderful, handsome and funny husband and a shelter dog who is our fur baby.   I like to think I’m crafty, although I couldn’t draw a decent looking stick figure to save my life.  I love to cook, but I’m no expert.   And I like to read, but I never have the time.

So, what is five years later, you ask?   Well, it’s the bottom of the rabbit hole.  The hard, cold, painful bottom of the hole.   Five and a half years ago, I met my husband.   We were young, carefree, oh and skinny.   So skinny (although I never thought of myself as skinny, I was the fat girl).   My weight in May of 2008 was 150 to 155 lbs.  Was I fat?  No!  I was a healthy size 8/medium.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) ate big meals.  Back then, he was 164 lbs, which was freakishly skinny for him (but I didn’t notice then. He looked normal, looking back in time at old pictures, we decided he was too thin and frail looking at 164 lbs).  Where are we now?  Well, my husband now weights 196 lbs, has a little belly and chipmunk cheeks.  Otherwise, he isn’t fat or heavy looking.  I see most of the weight gain in his face and if he lost 15 lbs he would look like a new man.  Geeze, what I would do to lose 15 lbs.  

Now it’s my turn.  I am fat, let’s face it.   A rolly-polly fat wife weighing in at 212 lbs today.  Ouch. Last time it was 207.   Where is this all coming from?   Well, I know it started when I met my husband back in 2008.   I am not blaming him, please don’t get the wrong idea!   I blame myself, 98% of this is all my fault.   Not 100%, no, and I’ll get to that later.   It all started when we went on “dates” and went to the bar.   You might see yourself doing (or have done) what I did back then.   I would order what he ordered at a restaurant.  I would eat what he ate . Sounds normal, right?  Wrong!   I was eating big man sized portions of food that made me gain weight.   It started with 15 lbs in the first six months.  I was eating his calories (3,000/day maybe).   He was a man, he burned those calories off just by breathing and existing.   We all know it’s much harder for a woman to burn calories.  When we went out for a night of fun and drinking, my hangover cure the next day was a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich with two hashbrowns and a large orange juice.  Or otherwise if it was past noon, I would just eat an entire medium sized Pizza Hut chicken supreme pizza.  It just got ridiculous!  And the more food I ate, the more I wanted to eat again later.   It all started with the first 15 lbs.

Fast forward 57 lbs later.   FIFTY SEVEN.  Hello!  Wake up call, Sydney! My dog weighs 58 lbs.  My sweet, shelter puppy that we rescued from a cruel world.   She is a spoiled pile of 58 furry pounds.   I picked her up so I can feel how hard it is to carry 58 lbs on my body.  Holy.  Crap.   I’m caving under the weight from her.  Therefore, I’m caving under the weight of myself, right?   I am carrying around 57 EXTRA pounds.  My bones, my joints, my organs must HATE me at this point.  What am I doing to myself?   I’m sorry, self!

Here is my goal.   This is long term, of course.   I have a goal in mind, but it’s really a life goal.   I want to be healthy, happy and damnit I want to be sexy!   My goal is to lose 57 pounds in six months.   I have the tools I need to get there.  I can do this!   Right?   Yes, I can.   I have to.   It’s roughly ten pounds per month.   That’s very doable.   I have to give it 100% of my effort 100% of the time.   No more late night snacks, no more garbage food.   I will feel and look better every step of the way.   I want to change my life for everyone around me but most of all, for myself.  It’s time for a newer, better, healthier and happier life.   It’s time for change.   I’m crawling out of this creepy rabbit hole.   I want to be back up in the meadow, soaking up the sun. I want to enjoy fitness, eating and living.  Let’s get started.   Let’s do this!